The French People has Understood and he has Made it:

September 2010: Des semi-remorques voyagent maintenant sur l'eau entre la France et l'Espagne, et ce n'est qu'un début.


Other Analysis:
Timide démarrage de l'autoroute de la mer entre Montoir et Gijon
Louis Dreyfus Armateurs se lance dans l'autoroute de la mer transgascogne
TRANSPORT – La première autoroute de la mer France – Espagne ouverte


Read below First Overview Presented in December 2000 by Ronald Carré who already anticipated the Necessity of Innovation Involving Integration of Maritime Transportation with Tranport by Trucks  :


Is the merchandises transportation in the East of Canada functioning on an efficiency basis, taking in account its particular characteristic? A System as St-Lawrence - Great Lakes exists only in the North East of America, and Quebec is the heart of that under used system.


Three transportation modes are in competition: road, railway and maritime.


The road has so many advantages that it is impossible to railway and maritime to be in competition. It has become now an absolute must.


The railway and the maritime are now so in late that they have not now adequate equipments to be in accordance with the road.


We must revise not only their integration mode to road but also their types of services equipments.


In simple terms, we must conceive a new type of wagons and a new type of coasters if we want, eventually, to integrate these three modes of transportation in the St-Lawrence Great Lakes System.


The basic approach presented here is in two parts. Click below to know more. 


The texts are only in french.

Partie 1 : Problématique
(To see the type of coaster proposed for the trailers transportation)

Partie 2 : Office de commercialisation du transport



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