Read a complete analysis up dated since the election in Quebec of a government in minority in March 26, 2007, always on the agenda (French Document)

React to this point of view

The Party Quebecois is more and more dedicated to be reserved to extremists of the Sovereignty’s option… ,

… because the leaders of the Party Quebecois do not listen to people when speaking.

How the Bouchard , Landry and Duceppe can stay deaf and silent when a Quebec express himself so strongly as at the beginning of the year 1995? The «Commission nationale» and the «Commissions régionales sur l’Avenir du Québec» (read since page 3 for exact references) have given the chance to all representative organizations of the Quebec Civil Society to express themselves. Voluminous Reports have been deposited in April 1995.

It has been the best «season of ideas» that Quebec has never known. Requirements of all the people have been clearly established for future discussions about Quebec’s Sovereignty. Though no journalists and political leaders have referred to the Commissions’ conclusions initiated by the Prime Minister Jacques Parizeau in 1995.

If the Bouchard and Landry (successors of Jacques Parizeau) have not been able to satisfy the expectations of the people in Quebec , how to wish that the Boisclair and the next ones could answer to the interrogations of the Quebecers? Asking the question is as bringing the answer.

The main question in two (2) steps asked unanimously by the whole Quebec in the 1995 winter was clear:

 In the hypothesis of the Sovereignty:
1) how would the Quebec function and
2) how would relations with the Rest of Canada function?

The Quebec has very well understood that the answers to its questions asked since 1995 will never be answered by a Quebecois Party disorderly retreated continuing to sail in the fog without instruments to measure the consequences of its dreams. It is in the silence of the last provincial election in Quebec, March 26, 2007, that the Quebec has spoken.



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