New Concept for Persons Transportation QUEBEC «---» NEW YORK :
Train Grande Vitesse Léger ( TGVL) (Light High Speed Train) for a more efficient public transportation system across the North-East of America begining by the route QUEBEC«---»MONTREAL.
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In 2008:
----Un allié de taille pour le projet de TGV, François Bourque, Le Soleil, 9 avril 2008
----Cessons d'opposer train et tramway, François Bourque, January 17, 2008
----Le TGV redevient soudainement une possibilité, Pierre Pelchat, January 17, 2008
----Labeaume enterre le tramway, Pierre-André Normandin, January 17, 2008

In 2007:
----Le recteur Brière veut agir rapidement, Le Soleil, December 15, 2007
----Le recteur de l'Université Laval préside un Comité de soutien, Le Soleil, December 14, 2007
----High Speed Train: Priority of the New Mayor of Quebec, December 9, 2007
----Daniel A. Denis, président,Chambre de commerce de Québec, 22 octobre 2007

Resumption of the political debate in October 2006. Read in first:
----Gilbert Lavoie, Journal Le Soleil, 24 octobre 2006
----François Bourque, Journal Le Soleil, 24 octobre 2006
----Pierre Pelchat, Journal Le Soleil, 24 octobre 2006
Message to Politicians Decision Makers :
Large consortiums in engineering will continue, above all, to promote their ancient technologies before considering new ways as proposed here by Econometrik Plus. Nothing stops to make the true studies to demonstrate the economic faisability which are very inexpensive to do, above all if realised by economists specialised in quantitative economics. It is why we will have to do this to convince them.

This simple message seems to be hard to understand for some people.


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