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Verreault Dynamism and Proof of Productivity

The Verreault family has made a name for itself as a leader in the navigation, construction, transformation and repair of ships.

Since few times, the firm wants to relaunch activities around a New Development Plan supported on a medium and long term vision. Employees must support very strongly the enterprise to be able to put in place a such Development Plan. A new union affiliation does not seem to realise all the importance to be more productive in a future vision to face the international competition.

The Naval Construction Sector is probably the more Labor Intensive Sector in the economy. The enterprises in this sector must face an international competition to achieve the market forces always more and more important. The productivity is their main challenge . The situation begins to be like, at a smaller scale, a repetition of the Davie's history for which the dénouement has been delayed for a long time by a bad attitude of the workers' union.

Kathryn Spirit's Exit and a new ship in dry dock on May 10, 2007.
The Kathryn Spirit in dry dock on April 29, 2007.
Comment and new end of negociations on April 19, 2007.
The Camille-Marcoux: example of the consequences of a syndicate managed outside of a Region. News April 11, 2007. News Avril 13,2007.
Actions of Mgr Bertrand Blanchet from Rimouski, April 5th, 2007.
Actions of Mgr Bertrand Blanchet from Rimouski, April 4th, 2007.
Important backing of « La Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec» and «La Chambre de commerce de la Haute Gaspésie», March 23, 2007.
Crisis Climate at the Chantier Verreault in Les Méchins on March 21, 2007.
Very interesting point of view of Denise Verreault about the absence of a Canadian and Quebec Maritime Policy.



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