Why a Prospective Vision ?
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The development of new policies, and the successful pursuit of projects by governments, firms, associations and individuals requires A PROSPECTIVE that is project planning in medium and long term horizons.

Decision makers need a wide vision of their fields of specialisation to focus correctly on the future needs of their clientele. The complexity of the global village renders necessary a prospective vision for decision makers preoccupied by the medium and long term consequences of their current decisions. The interactions of all variables must be taken in account and evaluated correctly.

Econometrik Plus as undertaken economic forecasting and analysis of varied public and private sector socio-economic projects. Recently, decided to add an explicit PROSPECTIVE dimension to its analysis. This involves the addition of an explicit medium and long terms dimension to Business Plans, and Economic Development Plans developed at the national, regional and/or industry levels.

Econometrik Plus has put together the best contemporary experts having a rich experience in all sectors of the economy. We can call on these experts anytime for any development projects, as well public as private projects, depending of the needs.

Services :

  • Conferences on themes chosen by the customer (or seminars given on a period of few days).
  • Partial contribution of an expert to the realisation of planning document.
  • Full and complete realisation of studies ordered by a customer desiring prospective vision for its development.

The Team of prospectivists :
Econometrik Plus has regrouped the best contemporary experts having a large and vast experience in a great variety of economic sectors. We can call on these experts’ contribution in any public or private project. Here is the list and brief presentation of these experts in alphabetic order :

Ronald CARRÉ (coordinator of the group)
Pierre-Paul PROULX

Ronald CARRÉ (coordinator of the group)
Ronald Carré is an economist having 40 years of experience in research and socio-economic analysis. At first (33 years), his career has been in the high levels of the Quebec public administration. He spent almost 10 years as assistant deputy minister in planning and socio-economic studies. In may 2000, he has founded the firm Econometrik National Plus specialised in the preparation of studies as Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Costs-Benefits Studies, and all other kinds of feasibility studies. He also has developed techniques of economic forecasting in medium and long term and in political analysis at the scale of Quebec and Canada. His approach in socio-economic long term forecasting is based on a new econometric model of structural analysis capable to give original results for the whole regions of the Canadian economy (detailed at the MRC level for Quebec and at the county level for the other Canadian provinces).
Pierre Fortin has been awarded by few prizes and distinctions, as the Prize «l'Association canadienne-française pour l'avancement des sciences (ACFAS), la Médaille d'or du Gouverneur général du Canada et le Prix commémoratif Douglas Purvis». This last distinction is given annually to the author of the best book or article published in the domain of political economic in Canada . In 1995, he has been appointed as the most distinguished economist in Quebec for the last decade. This distinction has been awarded following a vote among all the members of «l'Association des économistes québécois (ASDEQ)». He has, in first, studied the mathematics at the University of Laval and at the University of Montreal, after which he obtained a doctorate in economic sciences at the University of California in Berkeley . He has published many books and articles. He has also pronounced many conferences in Quebec , in Canada and in foreign countries, mainly in the domains of the employment, economic growth and Quebec economy. In 1984 and 1985, he has been the main economic advisor of the Quebec ’s Prime Minister René Lévesque. After that, he has been President of the «Société canadienne-française de science économique (SCSE)» and the Canadian Economics Association (CEA). He is always professor of economic at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
Luc Godbout has been awarded of the Prize Bercy 2004, conferred by «La Société française de finances publiques» to reward the best thesis in public finance. He is teaching to the master degree in fiscal science at the University of Sherbrooke since 2001. He acts as advisor to a series of public organisms involved in the administration of public finances, as well in Canada as in foreign countries. He has participated to the Seguin Commission on the fiscal imbalance in 2001-2002. In collaboration with Pierre Fortin and others, he has published in 2007 : «Oser choisir maintenant Des pistes de solution pour protéger les services publics et assurer l’équité entre les générations, 140 pages, Press of University of Laval, 2007». This book gives an impressive prospective vision of the future.

Pierre-Paul PROULX
Pierre-Paul Proulx is Professeur Honoraire at the Université de Montréal, and invited researcher at the Centre d'Études Internationales et Mondialisation of the Université du Québec à Montréal (recent publications are available on line at CEIM). His career as professor at the University was interrupted to serve as Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Regional Industrial Expansion in Ottawa , He has been consultant to the cities of Montreal and Quebec and to government of Quebec ’s departments as well as private sector firms. He was a partner of SECOR consultants. He has been Director of the «Centre de Recherches sur le Développement Économique» at the University of Montreal . He has produced many reports dealing with for example, Strategic Sectoral and Metropolitan Analysis, International and Interprovincial Trade Studies, the effects of the NAFTA, Economic Integration in North of America, Foreign direct investment, Productivity, Identification and development off clusters in regions and metropolitan areas, Promotion and Prospecting foreign European Investments starting with a specific indicator measuring the competitiveness among the European Regions, etc . Read also a personal note of Pierre-Paul Proulx .

Rodrigue Tremblay is a prominent Canadian-born economist with a Ph.D. from Stanford University . He is a former Woodrow Wilson fellow and a Ford International Fellow. He is presently professor emeritus at the University of Montreal , after having occupied the positions of full professor of economics at the University of Montreal, president of the North Economics and Finance Association, president of the Canadian Economics Society, vice president of the International Association of French-speaking Economists and advisor to numerous governments and organizations. In 2004, he was awarded the Condorcet prize of political philosophy. In politics, Mr. Tremblay was a member of the Quebec National Assembly (Gouin) from 1976 to 1981. He also served as minister of Industry and Commerce in the Quebec government (1976-1979). He has written 27 books dealing with economics and finance, some also tackling moral and political issues. Dr. Tremblay has travelled extensively in the Middle-East, in North Africa and in sub-Sahara Africa . We can join him on his blog.

Kimon Valaskakis is a former ambassador to the OECD from 1995 to 1999. He had a seat to the board of the OECD as plenipotentiary representative for Canada. The OECD is a intergovernmental organism with the Head Office in Paris . Its purpose is the analysis and the harmonisation of the intergovernmental politics of the 29 countries which are member of the OECD. More than 2000 civil servants compose the staff of the OECD. Dr. Valaskakis is also (1) President of the Club of Athena (2) former professor in economics at the University of Montreal and (3) Scientific advisor and administrator at the Futuribles International Group in Paris . The Club d'Athènes is a new initiative which involves a hundred of international personalities preoccupied by the reform of the governance of institutions at the world scale. He also is an expert in prospective appreciated at the world scale. Professor Valaskakis is a good link between the team and the Futuribles Group in France.See especially :

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