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Why ?
Ronald Carré
(see his CV), founder of this firm, is an economist retired from the government of Quebec since may 2000. During all his career, he has acted as top manager at Government of Quebec. For example, he has already been deputy minister in charge of the planning in the agri-food and fisheries sectors from 1978 to 1986 under the authority of the minister Jean Garon and its recovery plan for these sectors during the years ’80.

During his long career (35 years since 1968), he has made a lot of planning studies of all natures by himself, has managed many studies as high civil servant at the government of Quebec  and has had to mandate many outsiders as expert - consultants. His great trademark has always been:
1) the respect of the deadlines, 2) the one giving always the highest standards of quality and 3) et the one realising the better researches .

Since May 2000, he has founded Econometrik Plus to realise all kinds of studies in socio-economic planning to support his clients to convince of the accuracy of their projects as Lobbyist.
A network of Excellence Partners.

 Rather than rent offices and engage permanent professionals from May 2000, Ronald Carré has rather chosen for having, around him, a network of excellence partners of higher level for working together to realise specific mandates. Actually, a dozen of persons are working in network to realise mandates. The rule is the teleworking thanks to the Internet. Here are the main partners of Econometrik Plus since May 2000.

The Team of Prospectivists
Ronald CARRÉ (coordinator of the group)
Pierre-Paul PROULX

Myriade Data Systems Ltd.
A Canadian computer services firm.  This firm has a very high level of expertise in APL and «J» programming. Let us mention his very important contribution for programming the large model FuturCanada®.

Research Centre  at the University of Maryland, Washington D.C.

Since August 2002, Econometrik Plus is associated as partner to the Research Centre INFORUM (Interindustry Forecasting at the University of Maryland), founded by professor Clopper Almon, in the mid-'60 in Washington D.C. Actually, Econometrik Plus works to the integration of his model FuturCanada® to the large system of models inter-countries developed  by this Center, to be able to measure instantaneously consequences following from Canadian National Policies on the American economy and vice versa.

The Club of Athens
Since recently, the firm Econometrik Plus is associated with the Club of Athens, under the direction of professor Kimon Valaskakis, in collaboration with the Research Centre INFORUM, for the preparation of background papers for the  «First Olympics of Governance, Exploring New Ways of Managing Our World» which will be held in  Athens, Greece, October 21-24, 2004. This event will be repeated every four years in the future. (For more details, see page twelve (12))

Others great experts can join working teams to realise specific mandates. Research assistants are also engaged, in function of the mandates



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