Input-Output Models (called in French «modèles intersectoriels») for Economic Impact Calculations :


This type of model is actually the most popular to calculate the economic impacts of any project of economic development. Their main advantage is their capacity to follow closely the reality at a high level of detail of statistics.


Certain input-output models are more complete and sophisticated. For example, the models developed by Econometrik Plus can also give impacts by regions in a province as well as the impacts on the other provinces and territories, or for the whole Canada, in the case of any project foreseen in any region in a province and/or a territory.


The procedure to enter the data of a project in the models is simple. We must complete an Excel table in the relevant cells. The models catch these data directly and automatically.


Click here to see an example of the manner to enter the data which become the question asked to the models.

Click here to know more about the approach developed by Econometrik Plus since several years.




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