Ronald J. Carré, EconomistRonald J. Carré is more than 35 years of experience in research and economic analysis. Experience of almost 10 years as Assistant Deputy Minister in Socio-Economic Planning.

Period since may 2000 until now :


Founder of the firm Econometrik National Plus Inc. (may 2000) specialised in planning studies (business plans, marketing plans, costs-benefits studies, etc.), in socio-economic forecasting and in political analysis at the Quebec and Canadian scale. Introduction of a new approach to the Economic Forecasting and construction of a new and original econometric model for the structural analysis of the economy of all the regions in Canada (at the MRC level for Quebec and at the county level for the other Canadian provinces).


Few Public Interventions :


Interview Given to «Radio France Internationale», January 24, 2008.

Journalist: Mrs. Pascale GUÉRICOLAS.

Object: Davie Industries.

To Read and Listen the Interview


Interview Given to the Journalist Azar KHALATBARI, French Newspaper LIBÉRATION, about the Economy of the Regions Bordering the North Pole, September 29, 2007:

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Version with Color Maps


Vendre Hydro-Québec: Pensons-y même pas! (Le Soleil, septembre 2007)


Le PQ réservé aux extrémistes? (Le Devoir, avril 2007)


Main realizations :


Ø       Conception of the FuturCanada® Model for forecasting and studies of the socio-economic impacts of any economic development projects.

Ø       Conception of a new type of coaster based on a new technological approach in maritime transportation perfectly well adapted to all conditions of navigation within the Great lakes and St-Lawrence System.

Ø       Conception of a new TGVL (Train Grande Vitesse Léger (Light High Speed Train)) for persons transportation functioning as a suspended train perfectly well adapted to persons transportation for destinations as: Montreal - Boston - New York; Montreal - Ottawa – Quebec City; Montreal – Toronto - Chicago.


Few Important Reports :

Ø       A mandate completed in March 2010 for Transport Canada concerned a study about the justification of maintening a wharf at Old Fort in the municipality of Bonne-Espérance (close Blanc-Sablon) in Lower-North-Shore and the impacts on the population for not having his wharf.

Ø       From 2005 to 2009, production of few mandates for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Two mandates, mainly about the lighthouses in the Estern Quebec, for one, and the assessment of unreported catches in the marine fisheries sector in Quebec, for two. These experiences have permitted to have a deep knowledge of every maritime regions in Eastern Quebec, in particular for the Lower-North-Shore.

Ø       Intermodal Transportation of Merchandises with Emphasis on the Maritime Side to lighten the traffic on the roads.

Ø       Globalisation: Socio-economic impacts for Quebec.

Ø       A Structural Analytical Model for the Canadian Economy into its Regional Aspects to the Horizon 2026 (The FuturCanadaâ Model).

Ø       A new pitch for a renewal political speech in Quebec and in the Rest of Canada, January 2001. Justification for two or more Sovereign States in the Canadian Economic Space.

Ø       Perspectives of Markets for Davie Industry. An economic study for a client interesting in buying the larger shipyard in Canada, Davie Industry.

Ø       Economic Impact Study of the development of a new sector based on the Wind Energy in Quebec for the production of electricity.

Ø       Importance and Economic Impacts of Parts Manufacturers in the Aluminum Industry. A study realised for a consortium of enterprises.

Ø   The Situation of the Lighthouses on the St-Lawrence River. Final Report in 3 volumes.

Ø   Feasibility Study for the implementation of a production plan of pure plastic particles on the site of The Consol in Saguenay.

Ø   Feasibility Study for the implementation of a production plan of pure plastic particles on the site of The Gaspesia in the city of Chandler.

Ø   Analysis of the Bubget Plan 2007-2008 of the Governement of Québec, February, 20th 2007. Analysis done in the framework of the activities of the ASDEQ.


International Implications :


Ø      Co-founder and acting as Secretary general of Triple-G Canada, under the direction of the former ambassador and professor Kimon Valaskakis. Triple-G Canada is a subsidiary of the Global Governance Group functioning at the world scale (http://www.globalgovgroup.com). The first main world event has been held in Athens, Greece, October 20th, 2004, and the second, again in Athens, in March 7-11th 2006.


Ø      With the United States, partner of the INFORUM Group in Washington.


Ø      Economic Advisor for the New-Caledonia Government, and conception of a structural model enable to calculate socio-economic impacts of projects. This model has the particularity of measuring direct, indirect and induced impacts for projects eligible to lifting of taxes in certain chosen sectors.


Professional Implications :


Ø       Member of the Association des Économistes Québécois (ASDEQ) and member of the direction of the regional section for Quebec Region until 2004. Webmaster for the Web Site of the ASDEQ (www.asdeq.org) and member of the ASDEQ's Public Policies Committee.


Ø       Active Member of two (2) associations of retired persons:

  • L'ADR: L'Association Démocratique des Retraités
  • L'AQRP: L'Association Québécoise des Retraités des secteurs Public et Parapublic

Ø       Founder member of l'Observatoire du Québec, active until January 2005.


Ø       Invited, occasionally, as commentator at the television, radio and in the written press about certain sectorial economic development projects.


Period before 2000 :


1997-2000 : Economic Advisor at Quebec Ministry of Trade and Commerce.


1995-1996 : Secretary of Socio-economic Conference in Education about implementation of new technologies at school, Quebec Ministry of Education.


1988-1994 : Economic Advisor at Quebec Ministry of Environment. In-depth analysis of concepts as durable development, differential pricing on merit, etc.


1978-1988 : General Director and Assistant Deputy Minister at MAPAQ (ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food )), responsible, at federal Provincial level, for the negotiations in agriculture, fisheries and food, responsible of the economic summits held in the agrifood industry in Quebec during this period, co-author of sectorial and intersectorial documents written as, for example, about the Crow’s Nest Past (for the transportation in agriculture in the west of Canada), various expertise of the Canadian national policies and their implications at federal and provincial levels.


1975-1978 : Director of the Quantitative and Synthesis Studies Direction at the OPDQ (Office de Planification et de Développement du Québec (Quebec Planning and Development Office)). Putting in place structural and forecasting models of the Quebec Economy, which have served until 1990. Initiator of the concept of National Policy, which has served as basic political framework for the government of Quebec from 1978 to 1982.


1968-75 : As expert in econometrics, works in econometric modelling at the Quebec Bureau of Statistics (Bureau de la statistique du Québec), as team leader and director of few services. Responsible for many new developments on the Input Output econometric Model for the Quebec Economy, invented, at the beginning, by mourned professor Tadek Matuszewski at the University of Laval.


Para-professional Activity:

1986: Obtaining, August 19, 1986, the grade of Ship Captain (without tonnage limit) for the Saint-Lawrence River awarded by the Department of Transport of Canada (certificate number 34512).



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